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 Where is your store located?  We are located online at pointShop Nowpoint
I also sell at four events a year, primarily in Colorado. pointSee Listpoint

 Do you have a real world location, a “brick and mortar” store? 

Besides selling at events, no. If you saw what local rent and property taxes were, you would understand.

 Do you take custom orders? 

On rare occasions I will take orders at events, or from long-time customers.

 Where do you get your fabrics? 

All over. Some come from typical sources—stores and online sales. Some fabric is given to me by friends who are cleaning out their closets, or a relative's closets. All are selected for content, color and pattern, and wearability. Then they are pre-washed, shrunk and ironed before being considered for a garment.

 My seamstress bailed on me. Will you make my bridesmaids’ dresses? 








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